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A Message from MPRPD General Manager, Rafael Payan:
MPRPD recently received, signed, and submitted the financial grant-related agreements to the respective State agencies that generously awarded us funding for the acquisition of the Rancho Cañada property.

Each grant’s purpose and intent includes: acquiring the Rancho Cañada property; substantially reclaiming, restoring and sustaining the site as native habitat; and providing compatible environmental education and passive recreation opportunities that minimize or eliminate potential negative impacts to the site’s soils, plants, animals, and water features. A key goal with respect to this property’s acquisition is to reintroduce common, threatened, and endangered native flora and fauna. 

Several uses that have been explored are unfortunately incompatible with the property’s and grants’ intended purposes. Activities that may inevitably or unavoidably result in the repeated trampling of restored habitat, and/or disturbance of extant and reintroduced native flora and fauna will not be allowed. To further this goal, MPRPD is carefully identifying trail corridors geared to keeping people on-trail. Understandably, the nature of disc golf and similar activities require participants to frequently be off-trail thus, disc golf will not be allowed at this park and has been removed from the Preferred Alternative as a proposed use. Please accept my genuine and sincere apology to the disc golf community.


Thank you to everyone who attended Workshop #3! If you could not attend the workshop, you may review the presentation slides here.

You may now access the Workshop #3 Survey by clicking on the link below. If you did not get a chance to participate in the Workshop #3 meetings, we would love your feedback on the elements you like the most from the Palo Corona Regional Park Preferred Alternative. Please share this survey with friends and neighbors who would like the opportunity to share their thoughts. The survey will be open until Friday, March 16th. Then we will close the survey to analyze the results, which will be included in the Preferred Alternative public presentation to the MPRPD Board of Directors and posted on our website.

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