Park Description

The park is approximately 4,500 acres of open space that is a valuable link within a 70 mile long chain of open space extending from the Carmel River down to San Luis Obispo County. Throughout the planning process, we will be referencing three different regions of the park: the Front Ranch, the Back Country, and the Rancho Cañada property.

This diagram shows the three regions of Palo Corona Regional Park: the Rancho Cañada propery, the Front Ranch, and the Back Country.

Upcoming Events

  • April 11 Board Presentation

    The Preferred Alternative was presented to the MPRPD Board of Directors during their monthly public meeting on April 11, 2018. Follow the link to view the presentation slides.
  • Public Workshop #3, February 7 & 8

    Workshop #3 will be held on Wednesday, February 7 in Seaside and on Thursday, February 8 in Carmel Valley. Please come to review the results of the Workshop #2 survey, and provide your feedback on the preferred design alternative.
  • Public Workshop #1 – Seaside and Marina

    In order to reach a broad range of participation and feedback from the entire District, we will be hosting two repeat presentations of Public Workshop #1 in Marina on Wednesday, November 1st at the Marina Council Chambers and in Seaside on Thursday, November 2nd at the Oldemeyer Center.
  • Public Workshop #2, November 15 & 16

    UPDATE: We will host TWO presentations of Public Workshop #2 in Seaside on Wednesday, November 15th at the Oldemeyer Center and in Carmel Valley on Thursday, November 16th at Rancho Cañada. Please come to review the results of the public survey and provide your feedback on several site plan alternatives.
  • Public Workshop #1, October 5

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The Front Ranch

Palo Corona’s “Front Ranch” is the lower portion of the park that is visible from Highway 1. The roughly 600 acre area of the park has a developed trail system, historic barn, and spectacular views of the ocean from Inspiration Point and is currently open to the public through the a permit system.


The Back Country

Palo Corona’s “Back Country” consists of the remaining 3,800 acres of the park, spanning south from Animas Pond to the southern boundary that abuts the Joshua Creek Ecological Preserve. Old ranch roads wind through canyons and steep terrain in this part of the park, where there are several historic structures amid valuable wildlife habitat.

The Rancho Cañada Property

Approximately 175 acres of the former Rancho Cañada golf course will be transferred from The Trust for Public Land to MPRPD for restoration of the Carmel River and recreational use as part of Palo Corona Regional Park. A 260 space parking lot will be available for use by park visitors, and the existing clubhouse will be repurposed to support park activities. A 30 acre recreation easement through the Rancho Cañada Village development will allow access from the Rancho Cañada property to the Front Ranch.